Extended Storage Silo Management w/REXX
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It's late on a Sunday and you have been in the office most of the weekend managing a multi-vendor hardware/software upgrade. The StorageTek CE steps into your office and announces that your Extended Storage Tape Silo is ready to load. You look around and realize you're the last Worker-Bee in the shop, ouch!!! gota hand load five thousand tape cartridges into this silo before morning or report back to "Managing Upgrades" class tomorrow.

The following odd mix of Sort, TSO in Batch, Utilities, and Rexx will save you from repeating the Managing Upgrades class.
Review the six steps in JCLSTK00 to learn how to migrate older cartridges from your active Silo's into your Extended Storage Silo letting the Robot do the work for you...

  js001 - idcams - Delete work files from previous run.
  js002 - stk utility: slsxvscn - Produce cartridge report and save into data set.
          The output provides details on all tapes in all Silo's.
  js003 - batch rexx: Sets the date in the sort control cards (how old) which is input to
          js004. - output stored in data set
  js004 - Sorts data from js002 and builds control card statements for js005. -  output stored
          in data set.
  js005 - batch rexx: Issues console command to display number of free cells & number of scratch
          volumes in lsm 007. Builds sluadmin move(vvvvvv) statements based on LSM cell counts.
          (move groups may have upto 100 volumes)
  js006 - stk utility: sluadmin - Reads in data set created by js005 which contains the move
          volume(nnnnnn) tlsm(007) statements.
Source Examples



  STK0000 - Rexx

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