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  1. Adeveloper Chat CGI Counters Engineering Graphics GuestBooks HTML Java Pages PC Promotion Publications Rings Search Software Sound Web
  2. Cookie Central dedicated to provide full information upon Internet Cookies.
  3. META Tool to build META tags for HTML documents - description, language, expiry date & more.
  4. Victor S. Engel's (6x6x6) Color Palette Map This URL will provide the right value for the color=#rrggbb HTML statement.
  5. Web Developer's Virtual Library is a well-organised goldmine of tutorials, examples, and links to great resources. It's for webmasters and Internet developers who are creating web sites with HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript, graphics, VRML, multimedia, animation, etc.
  6. William Cross Search Referance All-in-One Search Page! This site is a compilation of various forms-based search tools found on the Internet. They have been combined here to provide a consistent interface and convenient ALL-IN-ONE search point.

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